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Olive Oil Soap
Lavender - All Natural Soap, Handmade, Essential Oil Soap,
Green Tea With Organic Young Hyson Tea Leaves
Peppermint & Tea tree - All Natural Exfoliant Soap
Castille - 100% Pure Olive Oil Soap for Sensitive Skin
Red Desert Facial Bar- All Natural Geranium & Sage Soap
Grapefruit - All Natural Face Cleansing Soap
Patchouli - All Natural Soap
Spruce and Lime - All Natural and Grounding
Palmarosa with Organic Calendula Flowers
Seaweed Soap - All Natural, Exfoliant Soap
Kalahari - All Natural Soap, A Favorite for Men
Honeysuckle - All Natural Delicately Floral Soap
Rose & Black Tea - All Natural, Classic Floral Soap
Sweet Almond - All Natural and Aromatic Soap
Rosner Blend - with Organic Calendula Flowers
The Soap Sachet
The Soap Loaf
The 5 Soap Pack- Facial Essential Oil Bars
Litsea - All Natural Astringent Soap
Lemongrass With Organic Oats
Ginger Shampoo Bar

Hand Milled Soap
Hand Milled - Lavender And Spruce - All Natural Soap, Handmade, Pure Olive Oil Soap, Creamy Bar
Hand Milled Eucalyptus - All Natural Soap, Handmade, Olive Oil Soap, Creamy Bar
Hand Milled - Cedarwood and Rosemary - All Natural Soap, Handmade, Essential Oil Soap, Creamy Bar

Glycerine Soap
"Tranquil" Large Bar
"Bonsai" Large Bar
Honeysuckle Large Bar
Frankincense & Myrrh Large Bar
Lavender Glycerine Soap
Peppermint Glycerine Soap
Grapefruit Glycerine Soap
Pomegranate Glycerine Soap
Cinnamon & Orange Glycerine Soap With Rose Petals
Rose Geranium
Spruce Glycerine Soap
Eucalyptus Glycerine Soap
Litsea & Lavender
Lemongrass Glycerine Soap
Coconut Glycerine Soap
Coconut Large Bar
Cucumber-Melon Large Bar

Natural Body Care
All Natural Foot Scrub
All Natural Body Scrub - Relaxing
All Natural Bath & Body Oil - Relaxing
Aromatherapeutic Bath Salts "Indulgence"
All Natural Face & Body Balm Relaxing
All Natural Face & Body Balm Restoring
All Natural Insect Repellent Oil
All Natural Face & Body Balm Tranquil
Hand and Body Cream - Calming
Hand and Body Cream - Indulgence
All Natural Bath & Body Oil-Refreshing
All Natural Body Scrub - Refreshing
All Natural Face & Body Balm - Refreshing
Pure Rose Water Spray

Loofah Soap
Glycerine Loofah Pomegranate Soap
Glycerine Loofah Lavender Soap
Glycerine Loofah Eucalyptus Soap
Glycerine Loofah Lemongrass Soap

Gift Sets
The Sample Set
Gift Box Leaf Set
Gift Box Special For Men
Gift Box Six Soap Set
Gift Box Flower Set
Gift Box Bestseller Set
Loofah Set
Soap Sachet
Face and Body Gift Set
Refreshing Gift Set
Five oval soap set
Five oval soap set
Glycerine Large Bar Soap Set
Lavender Lover Gift Set
Rose Gift Set
Gentleman's Gift Set
Love Your Skin Gift Set

Ayate Sponge Mitt - SOLD OUT
Ayate Wash Cloth - SOLD OUT
A Sisal Soap Bag - SOLD OUT
Ceramic Soap Dish - Oval

Primal Elements
Argon Oil of Morocco
Bamboo Charcoal
Dead Sea Mud
Midnight Moon
Honey Bee
Rubber Duck
Rain Scent
Primal Lilac
Tahitian Vanilla
Blue Whale
Turmeric Antioxidant Bar