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All Natural Olive Oil Hand Milled Soap - RETURNING FALL 2021

Hand-Milled Soap also known as "French Milled"

To "hand mill" simply means to grate, melt in a double boiler, and remold a basic cold-process soap to create a harder, longer lasting bar.

We trim all the edges of our Herbal Olive Oil bars to make them smoother to handle; these trimmings/shavings are what we use to make our Hand Milled Soap.

Our Hand Milled Soaps have a unique texture, and a very full but delicate aroma.

After removing the Hand Milled Soap from the molds, we set the soap to harden for as long as 90 days.

This particular soap is not always in stock, as we make small quantities, and it is very much in demand.

Hand Milled - Cedarwood and Rosemary - All Natural Soap, Handmade, Essential Oil Soap, Creamy Bar
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